The Story of Our Biltong

History of Biltong

Biltong as we know it today originates from a time in South Africa’s history when pioneers were trekking across the African continent. They needed stocks of cured durable food as they migrated from the Cape Colony northwards into the interior of Southern Africa.

Meat from wild animals and later beef was preserved using warm weather, air, salt, vinegar, sugar and coriander. These spices and mixes were in abundance in the then Cape Colony, as the French Huguenots produced wine and vinegar from their grape crops. The colony was the halfway stop for seafarers plying the spice routes of the East.

Today biltong is regarded as a delicacy and popular throughout the world. Recipes passed down through the ages are a closely guarded secret never to be shared.

Our Wagyu Biltong

Our biltong is highly sought after as we use only the finest Australian Wagyu beef and a selection of fresh herbs and spices.

Our biltong recipe is specially prepared for us by one of the company directors, Craig Skead who originates from South Africa. Craig grew up in the Natal/East Griqualand area and learnt his recipes from the local butchers in the area over 40 years.

We use the silverside part of the animal to make our Wagyu biltong. This ensures that we have beautiful long cuts of meat that are then meticulously handled so that you get the very best biltong available.

The Art of Making Biltong

Beef strips are cut almost an inch (20 mm) thick and then cured using a wet mix including malt vinegar and a dry mix of fresh herbs and spices.

The meat is cured in a cool room for 24 hours before it is then lightly rinsed in a vinegar/water mix.

The drying process is very important as authentic biltong should be air-dried for 3 to 5 days. Our dryers are imported directly from South Africa so that we get the right balance of temperature, humidity and air-flow.

Once the biltong is dried we check every piece and sample every batch. This ensures that our customers get the same high quality product every time.

Enjoying Our Biltong

Our biltong is also made to order so that we can make sure it is fresh and delivered to you ready to eat. All orders are packed using a vacuum seal so that it may be posted around the world without drying out and complying with international food laws.

Once the biltong arrives it should be opened and aired for 12 hours before eating. A plastic hook accompanies every piece of biltong for this purpose. You can use any area to ‘hang’ your biltong that is screen protected.

The best way to enjoy your biltong is to slice it across the grain in thin slices. Enjoy as a snack or compliment with beer and wine.